Instead of having to add color to your photo in post you can achieve this in camera by using gels. In this video you will learn 4 ways to mount gels to reflect back at your subject to achieve vibrant color; specifically in your shadows. You can attach the gel to a strobe alongside or across from your key light. You will want to make sure the strobe that has the gel attached to it is dialed a few stops down, so not to obstruct the subject's face. You can also place a gel inside of a soft box, which you can place on either side of your subject as a fill light. As another fill source, you can use white foam core with a colored gel attached to it, which typically affects the hardness of the shadow on your subjects face, but in color. You can also attach your gel to a mirror which gives the shadows more  of a hardness to them against the subject's face. On your next photo shoot at Concrete Studios LA, be sure to bring your own gels and try some of these looks out or ask us to borrow some of ours. See you soon and Happy Shooting!