There are a plethora of ways in which you can add light to your subjects to create the look of your photos as well as subtract light; as it also produces different ways of seeing the same person/ thing. Light and the absence of, creates different shapes and patterns, giving you a ton of ways to create! This informative video will acquaint you with an important tool for discerning the amount of light that hits your subject. 

Flags, at their most basic, are tools that block the light from spilling onto the background or your subject. They are very important, specifically when working with strobes. They can be mounted on a separate C- stand, giving you a great deal of control on the distance to surfaces and the harshness or softness of shadows. For instance, when moved away from the light source and closer to the subject or the background you will find the shadow becoming more defined and as you move the flag closer to the light, the edges will soften. Check out the video above for more information and tips on flags!