Concrete Studios LA welcomed Spencer Lee and her team as they collaborated and shot her music video in Studio B. Spencer Lee is a recording artist, singer-songwriter, dancer, and photographer in Los Angeles, CA! We absolutely love how the space was utilized! There are a myriad of angles in which one can capture their subject, as each point of view gives a unique perspective and adds a very distinct feel. Spencer Lee's video is a perfect example of how creative you can get in our Studio B, known as our Portrait Studio! The pink and brown vintage/ victorian chair blends well with the grayish/ white canvas backdrop as well as the concrete floor; which came into harmony, creating a stunning neutral tone. She also got some beautiful silhouette shots in front of the window. How cool! You can check out her video below!

Concrete Studios LA provides spaces for all who wish to create amazing content. Our spaces are open, versatile and flexible for everyone to use! 

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