In coming! STUDIO TIPS! This video will suggest 5 lighting setups using only one light! Sometimes, extra lights can complicate things. With one light, you have less to think about. You will also have less technical things you have to control and more time interacting with your subject!

Furthermore, using one light is the perfect way to grasp an understanding of light and shadow on faces, in general. Learning how the positioning of your light on your subject will affect the final look of your portrait. The distance between the strobe in relation to the subject will affect the quality of light as well as the size of the light source; but the height, width and angle will also determine how the shadows fall on the model’s face. It is important that you pose your model to match your chosen lighting setup, then move the light around instead of getting the model to move.


  • Flat lighting: Clean and simple, but also flat and boring!

  • Paramount lighting: Butterfly shadow under the nose; movie star lighting.

  • Loop lighting: Similar to Paramount lighting, Loop lighting is angled slightly to one side of your subject for more of a dramatic look!

  • Rembrandt lighting: High-contrast, Rembrandt lighting is great for emotionally darker or intense scenes.

  • Split lighting: This technique is achieved by placing a light 90-degrees to the side of your subject to put half of their face in shadow and half in light.

Concrete Studio LA provides in house lighting to achieve any of these looks at a small additional charge. We also are partnered with amazing Lighting and Grip houses in Hollywood area that can get you everything you need. Need a 5-Ton Grip Truck….Give us a Call