Kieth Bryce took some beautiful photos at Concrete Studios LA in Studio A not too long ago. He used strobes as his key light as well as ambient lighting from the West facing window, which gave his Subject an angelic glow. Bryce also utilized the grand piano as a prop to complement his Subject. We think his photos came out absolutely stunning!

Studio A is versatile as there are quite a few colored and textured walls to choose from! We also have props such as the grand piano (see below), white sheer curtains, an old record player, a few apple boxes, and a wooden table available for all of our clients using the studio. Studio A comes fully equipped with white, grey and black seamless backdrops, 5 C-stands, 5 sand bags, jr roller with boom, 3 B800 paul c buffs, a beauty dish with grids, 2 large soft boxes, 4 pocket wizards.......and more!

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