Large light sources are your friend when you don’t necessarily need or want an elaborate set up. One large light source can give you lots of options to play with, especially if you are shooting only one subject. In this video, Daniel Norton with Adorama TV shares some tips and tricks when it comes to using one of these bad boys! Check out the video below for a live example..

Large light sources are beloved by so many photographers today because they produce soft lighting, which is generally considered the most flattering! These large light sources are versatile as you move them around, creating specific shadow patterns on your subject’s face. You can also modify the intensity of the shadows by placing a grid over the large modifier of your choosing. By doing this, the lighting on your subject becomes more moody and adds more contrast. You will want to move your light closer because the grid obviously blocks some of the light. There is even a dramatic fall off. The light, however, still remains soft!

Our Studio E has a large Parabolic Umbrella and Studio F has a large Octabank for you to use while practicing some of these tips!


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