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Studio "A" & "B" 

 By the Hour

$45 Per Hour

4hr Package 

$40 Per Hour

8hr Package

$35 Per Hour

12hr Package

$30 Per Hour

Studio "C" "D" & "E"


Studio "f" (2hr Min)

$75 Per Hour (Flat Rate)


Special Rates for Half and Full Day Shoots

HALF DAY (6hrs)                        Full Day (12hrs)

$400                                             $720


All Rate Packages Include Full Access to Studio and Gear.

Rates above are for Studio Only.

(Rooftop Rates are Separate. Please Contact for Details)

(Video Lighting is Additional Cost)

Additional Fees or Costs

CYC Repainting

There is a CYC repainting fee of $25.00 for Studios C and E, and $50 for Studio F if used or if footprints are left on CYC. 

Paper Backdrops/Seamless:

There is a $16.50 Seamless paper charge for Full Body shots or 8ft sweep/rollout of Paper on the floor! No Charge if shooting Portraits and paper is not damaged.

Please note: If you are requesting a color other than (White, Black or Grey) and that color seamless is not already in the open box, There will be a $20 surcharge in addition to the usage fee for opening a new box of seamless.

We accept 
Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Company Check. Please be aware that there is a surcharge of 3.5% if you are paying with Credit/Debit card and or Paypal. There is no surcharge if you are paying via Cash or Company Check! Personal checks are not accepted!